Thursday, May 29, 2008

Eggs in Tamarind Sauce


4 eggs ( boiled)
1 onion ( chopped)
3 green chillis (slit length wise)
Tamarind ( large lemon size)
2 springs cilantro
1 tbs sambar powder
1 tsp jaggary

For Tadka

2 tbs oil
1 tbs chana dal
1tsp cumin and musturd seeds
1 tsp methi seeds
1 dry red chilli
1/2 tsp turmuric
pinch of hing


Boil eggs , peel and keep aside

Microwave tamarind with 1/2 cup water then add another 1/2 cup water and sqeeze all the
pulp ,strain and keep aside

In a sauce pan add tamarind pulp ,2 to 3 cups water , chopped onions ,cilantro, and cook
on a medium flame until onions are soft and tamarind is cooked

Now add sambar powder , jaggary ,salt and boiled eggs Mix everything and cook for another 5 min

Now take small pan for tadka ,heat oil in that ,then add chana dal ,cumin and musturd seeds ,
methi seeds ,green chillis ,dry red chilli , fry until chanadal is golden then add hing and turmuric

Add the tadka to the above egg mixture

DONE serve hot with plain white rice


Cham said...

I love egg in tamarind gravy Sagari, tempting one

Happy cook said...

Wow looks so delicious.
I love egg curry and that is one huge egg in that picture :-)

Asha said...

I always love your photos, beautiful, as great as your recipes!:))

Suma Rajesh said...

hey thanls for commenting...ur blog is amazing and i liked he closeup pic of egg curry...its sooo delicious ...i just luved it

Pravs said...

wow, your pics are too good..very tempting.

Andhra Flavors said...

egg looks tempting and great pic.

Madhavi said...

WOW this looks awesome, mouth-watering. I love tamrind sauce and with egg, oh great combo!!!

Check my blog, something waiting for u :)))

Swapna said...

Wow...I make this a lot..but it still looks tempting on ur blog.....great

Sangeeth said...

lovely recipe...i luv this and used to do often before i came to the US.....loved ur banana muffins too :)

ranji said...

oops!!i thought i left amsg here 2 days back...i dont see it here..maybe it didnt go....the egg dish in tamarind sauce looks really delcious and yummy!!love it...
there is also an award waiting for u in my blog..chk it..its in my previous post now...enjoy:)

Kalai said...

Gravy looks great, Sagari! Please check my blog for a surprise! :)

kamala said...

Looks mouthwatering and tempting Sagari.

Homecooked said...

Hmmm....totally droolworthy!

Rosie said...

Oh my doesn;t this looks delicious!! Great photo too :)

Rosie x

vandana rajesh said...

That must be a very tangy tasty recipe sagari. Have announced a event -the theme being chicken dishes- with your lovely chicken recipes, invite you to be a part of this.